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How does Flayr work

Step 1. 
Set your prices
Step 2. 
Get requests from customers
Step 3. 
Offer appointments
Step 4. 
Get Booked!


Can I set my own prices?
Can I offer mobile and home services?
Yes you can offer mobile services (where you go to the customer), and you can also offer home services (where the customer comes to you).
Do I need to pay Flayr out of the amount I get from the customer?
No. We add a small surcharge on top of the prices you set.
Do I need to pay to receive a request?
No. It's free.
Do I need to pay to respond to a request?
No. It's free.
Do I need to pay a monthly fee or sign up fee?
No. It's free.
Wait up, how does Flayr make money?
We apply a small markup on the rates you set and collect this directly from the customer along with any deposit you'd like collect.

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Sydney, NSW

As a full time worker and a mother of three, I love the ease of working with Flayr to work when I want to work and be flexible around my busy lifestyle. It is a simple website to navigate through and making bookings with clients is easy as they have access to your availability calendar. For example clients who want to make a direct booking with me are aware I am only available Friday to Sunday for appointments to avoid disappointment. I would recommend joining the Flayr team.

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