Bidding FAQs

Here are some common questions that we get asked and some information that you might not have known.

    1. Can I bid on multiple FLAYR gigs that are all at the same time?

    • Yes!
    • So if you see 3 gigs all for tomorrow during the period 2-3pm, please bid on all 3 and whoever books you first, gets your booking.
    • If you get booked again through FLAYR for the same time slot, then you can let us know and we can try find the customer another stylist.

    2. What do I do if I have been double booked with FLAYR?

    • As soon as you are double booked, just send us an email to with the conflicting Booking IDs and we will try to find another stylist for the customer.

    3. Do I get penalised for being double booked with FLAYR and having to cancel one gig?

    • NO! :) as long as you tell us as soon as the double booking comes through
    • Just send us an email to and we will find the customer another stylist.

    4. Can I start and end earlier than the 'To be Ready Time'?

    • Yes - so if the customer has put down 'To be ready by 5:30pm' but you only have the time slot 2 - 3pm available, then you can respond back with start time of 2pm and end time of 3pm. 
    • This way you can fill up your day with more bookings :)

    5. How can I spit the gig so that I can do bigger gigs with another FLAYR stylist?

    • This one is still a work in progress! We are open to ANY suggestions you might have to make this happen.
    • Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below or send us an email to and we will try to get a process in place to help you split the gig, easily!


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