Get Instantly Notified About Gigs

To help you get more gigs, we're rolling out gig notifications so you can get notified as soon as a gig gets posted.


Getting Setup

Step 1: Choose your Subscription

From the links below, choose the list you'd like to sign up to.
e.g. WA | Hair and Makeup - these are all the gigs in WA that are for either makeup or hair

Step 2: Sign In & Subscribe

Click on the green button labelled "Sign In"


Step 3: Sign In or Create An Account

If you don't already have an account with Pushed, click on "Create An Account"


Step 4: You Are Now Subscribed

If you successfully created an account or signed in, you should get a confirmation screen that you've subscribed.


Step 5: Download The App

Click "Back To Your Account", and from this screen you can download the app for your phone.

If you've got an iPhone - click on iOS
If you've got an Android phone - click on Android



Step 6: Enable Push Notifications

Once you've downloaded the app and opened it, make sure you enabled Push Notifications.

Make sure you click ALLOW


Step 7: Log In to the App

Log in to the app with the details you set up before. So email address and password.

And that's it you'll start receiving notifications.


Responding To Notifications

As gigs come in you'll get notified. We'll keep the notifications short but we try to include in Location, Payment amount, and Date.

When you open the notification, to view the gig details, click on VISIT on the toolbar.

You can view the gig details just like before, and click on Respond if you like the gig.

We've noticed that once you click Respond, there may be a bit of delay.


Hope this helps you get even more gigs.

So to get started choose which gigs you'd like to subscribe to below.

Pick Your Subscription

At the moment we've only got subscriptions for Hair & Makeup gigs. So if you can do both Makeup and also Hair, pick one of the options below.

If you only do makeup, or only do hair - stay tuned we'll announce new gig notifications list soon. 

View Gigs In NSW

View Gigs In VIC

View Gigs In QLD

View Gigs In WA

View Gigs In SA

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