Show Off Your Work With Hashtags

Your FLAYR profile page now supports hashtags, so customers can better filter through your pictures to find #bridal, #formal etc..

By helping your customers find pictures in your portfolio that match what they're looking for, you should improve your chances of being booked.

And the best part is we add the tags automatically for you, based on what you tagged on Instagram.

So to add the tags, simply tag the photos as you would normally on Instagram, and remember to also add in #withflayr so we can upload the picture to your profile.

The tags we currently support are:

  • #bridal
  • #formal
  • #naturalmakeup
  • #glammakeup
  • #smokeyeye
  • #braids
  • #crownbraid
  • #curls
  • #blowwave


We'll add more to this list overtime.

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