Help I'm Not Getting Bookings

If you find you're replying with Premium offers but not getting booked, this guide might help.

Premium Offers why did we introduce them?

We know that sometimes there's a gig that looks pretty good but its just too far. Premium offers were designed to help you bid on these gigs out of your area. So that now you have even more chance to get booked because there are more gigs you can bid on.

Do customers always see my Premium Offer?

No. When you reply back with a premium offer, that offer goes into a holding queue.

ONLY IF the customer hasn't received any base offers, or the customer has explicitly told us she'd like premium offers then your offer gets shown to the customer.

If the customer does see my Premium Offer will I get booked?

Depends. The customer might have a budget they're working to. And if you're offer comes in above that they might not want to pick your offer.

Also you might be bidding against other stylists who have more reviews or a higher review score.

Can I rebid on a gig?

No. The offer you send is set.

When should I bid with Premium Offers?

Ultimately its up to you. Our guidance is for gigs that you previously would have done at the base rate, probably still do base rate, while for gigs that you wouldn't have done - go premium.


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