Make Money Even When You Can't

Ever get a lead you can't do, well now you can sell it to FLAYR.

Has this ever happened to you, you get a request from a customer but you're just booked out that day or they're just too far away and you make no money on that lead.

Well now you can sell that lead into FLAYR, and if the customer books with FLAYR you earn a commission on the booking.

As an example, here's what you could earn per person:

Makeup Only: $10 - $30
Hair Only: $10 - $30
Makeup & Hair: $15 - $50

And remember this is all per person. So if the lead you sell in has 4 people, well you get paid per person x 4. For example let's say you sell into FLAYR a lead which has 4 x Makeup & Hair Downstyles, well you get as a minimum $60 when that customer books & completes the event.

Notes: All commissions are inclusive of GST. If you haven't registered for GST and notified FLAYR, the GST portion will be withheld. So for example if the commission is $10 inc GST, then you will be paid $9.09 (the ex GST component).

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