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From February 1, 2018 only stylists with a FLAYR membership will be able to respond on gigs.

In addition to the "Starter Plan", we have also created a special "Base Plan" for all existing stylists. If you wish to go on the base plan you will need to sign up before Jan 31, 2018.

What are the 2 plans?

  • Starter Plan - for anyone just starting out, no monthly fee, just $2 once off and 5% (ex GST) of booking value
  • Base Plan - a monthly subscription fee of $10 and great if you're passionate about growing your business, exclusive to existing stylists who sign up by 31st January 2018.

What if I don't sign up by 31st Jan, 2018. Can I sign up later?
Definitely. But all profiles get reset as we'll be switching backend systems. So if you've got reviews we recommend signing up by 31st Jan 2018 to keep the reviews. 


Starter Plan

What is it?
A basic profile similar to what's there today with just a few changes.
Limited to 5 pictures.

Is there a minimum contract term?

What does it cost?
$2 once off.
5% (ex GST) of booking value.

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Base Plan 

This plan is no longer open for new sign ups.

What is it?
Similar to the profile today but with a few changes.

  • Picture limit of 20 pictures, but as an existing stylist you can keep all the pictures you currently have.
  • Bio section on your profile
  • Monthly stats so you can keep growing your business

Why the subscription fee?
As a small self funded business we want to make sure we can keep sending you great leads, for essentially free. Since launching on Christmas day 2016 we've paid out or booked for stylists, over $500k worth of gigs! 

Is there a minimum contract term?
Nope. Its a monthly subscription, you can cancel anytime just by emailing us at

Is the subscription fee tax deductible?
It might be - but you should probably chat to your accountant to be sure.

Is the subscription worth it?
For less than the price of a coffee a week, you can continue to receive leads. Our most successful stylists are earning between $1,000 - $2,000 per week. 

Do I have to pay per lead?
No. The monthly subscription covers all the leads, and you can bid on as many as you like.

Can I sign up on or after Feb 1, 2018?
No. The base plan is for existing stylists and is only offered until 31st Jan 2018. If you do wish to sign up after 31st Jan 2018, you'll need to join the starter plan.

Base Plan - Recommended   Starter Plan


Base Plan - $10 a month
exclusive for existing stylists who sign up by 31st January 2018

This plan is no longer available for new signups.

Starter Plan - $2 once off
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