Need an extra stylist for your own private bookings?

Ever had a gig on your own private bookings that was just too big, whether it was having too many people, or the customer wants everyone done in a very short amount of time?

Don't loose that gig - just contact us! :)

SO here's an example.

You have 8 people that you need to have completed. You are happy to do 8 makeups but really need a stylist to do the hair styles to have everyone completed in time.

So all you do is contact us and we can find you another stylist to help you do that gig. Like any other customer, you will get the profiles of the stylists that are available and you can pick the stylist that you think would suit your customer.

PLUS - as an added bonus, you will get a discount from us! :)

Any questions - send us an email to or leave a comment in the section below.

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