Payment Terms Change

To drive up bookings, we're changing from requiring the customer to pay the whole amount upfront to instead asking the customer for a deposit and letting you set your own payment terms.


What Payment Terms Can I Offer?

You'll be able to choose from 4 different payment terms you can offer to customers:

  • Pay on the day
  • 50% to be paid 1 week before, rest on the day
  • 50% to be paid 2 weeks before, rest on the day
  • Full payment 2 weeks before

Can I adjust the payment terms depending on the gig?

Yes. On each gig response you can choose what payment terms to offer the customer.

Will I always be able to set the payment terms?

You'll be able to set the payment terms for every gig except for Trials. For trials to keep it simple, standard payment terms of on the day will be offered.

Does the customer pay me in cash or direct deposit?

You can set how you wish to receive the payment. Once a booking occurs you'll be sent the customers details. If you wish the customer to do a direct deposit, you'll need to provide the customer your bank details.

 Will I receive payment from FLAYR?

For gigs booked under the old system (pre- Jan 1 2018), FLAYR will still pay you the first Friday post the event.

For all gigs from and including Jan 1 2018, FLAYR will not be holding the payment for the gig.

 What does the customer pay me?

The customer will pay the net payment to you. When you respond on a gig and set your price, for example $100, the customer will pay you this amount.

When does the new system commence?

Jan 1, 2018

How will I know if I can set the payment terms?

On each gig response if payment terms are enabled, you'll see an option in the gig response where you can set your own payment terms.

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