Quick Stats To Help You Win More Bookings

We've had some questions about what's a good price to bid back with. Here's some quick stats, we hope they help. Because at FLAYR we only get paid when you get booked, we're incentivised to make sure we do everything we can to help you get booked.

With that... let's begin.


Payment Terms

This graph shows what the payment terms were for successful bookings. For example nearly 70% of all bookings were where the payment terms were Pay On The Day.

If you select Pay On The Day you are nearly 12 times more likely to get booked than someone who ask for full payment 2 weeks before.


Response Price

This graph shows what percentage of bids at that price point ended up in a booking. For example nearly 40% of bids that were at the base price got booked.

If you bid "Base" you are on average nearly 6 times more likely to win a booking than someone bidding High Premium.


Booking Rate

 The booking rate is what percentage of bids ends up in a booking.

Average Booking Rate is 7.8%
Another way of saying this is on average you should expect to win about 1 in every 13 responses.

Average Booking Rate for Top 10% of Stylists is 16%
Top 20 stylists win about 1 in every 6 responses.


We hope the stats above help you. If you're on our base subscription plan, over the coming weeks we'll be sending you through your own personal stats to help you boost your bookings.

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