Set your own price on Home Studio Direct Requests

You can now set your own prices when you get directly requested by a customer for a home studio request!

When does this apply?

This applies ONLY when you get a direct request from a customer for a home studio request. It does not apply when you are bidding on leads that come through by email/pushed notifications. So when you respond by email/pushed notifications, you can pick from 1 of the 3 price points.

How can I set my prices?

  1. You will get an email inviting you to set up your account, if you have a home studio registered. 
  2. Follow the link and you can set up your account and password.
  3. You can then go into your account and edit your prices (e.g. it can be a different price for Non Bridal, Bridal, Mother of the Bride etc). 
  4. Once the prices have been updated you will receive an email confirming that the prices have been updated. Once updated, the prices will only effect the new quotes going out, not any old quotes that have been sent out.

So when a customer directly requests you for a home studio request, they will instantly receive your quote, based on the prices that you have set.

If they are happy with your quote, and want to request an appointment, you will receive a text message saying "You've received a new appointment request - View and Respond" with a link to the gig.

On the link, you will see the date and time, package, the price that you have set and our service fee that will be charged on top of the price that you have set. All you have to do is respond as being available and the start and end times.

How do I know when the prices I set will apply?

You will get a text messages saying "You've received a new appointment request." The link sent with the text message will show the prices that you have set.

The prices you set does not apply when you respond on gigs received by email/pushed notifications.

What happens to the current way of direct requests from customers?

We are slowly phasing out the current way that customers receive a direct request and you will be notified once this has occurred.

During the transition period, if there are any issues and you are not sure about the direct request you've received, please email us at

Can I set my own prices on the leads that come through by email/pushed notifications?

No. On the emails/pushed notifications, you will only be able to respond with one of the 3 prices points and not your own set prices.

How much does it cost to set my prices?

It's FREE! 

How can I set up a Home Studio?

You can set up your home studio through the following link ->

Register Home Studio

Please make sure you enter your exact address, including street number/apartment number.

Having issues setting up your account or any questions?

Please email us at and we can try to resolve any issues for you as soon as possible.


As previously mentioned, setting your price does not apply to the leads/gigs you get by email/pushed notifications. It only applies when you get directly requested by a customer for a home studio request.


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