Tips when contacting Customers

Tips to help you contact the customer:

  1. Contact the customer asap once you receive the booking confirmation email (See template below). 
  2. When you contact the customer make sure that you mention that you are the stylist booked through FLAYR, otherwise they might think that your text is spam. 
  3. Confirm the details of the event - date, time, what the customer is booked in for (e.g. 2 x Makeup Only) and price payable on the day.
  4. Ask the customer for photos of their desired look and a selfie (with no makeup) so that you can prepare for the event.
  5. If you have asked for payment before the event, please provide the customer with your bank details and a friendly reminder 1 day before the payment is due. 
  6. If you need parking, ask the customer to arrange it for you, or let her know the approximate cost for parking on the day (the customer should reimburse you on the day for the parking expenses).
  7. After the makeover is complete, please ask the customer to leave a review with Flayr, so that you can get more bookings. A personal request from you, goes a long way, and if you have done a great job, customers are usually very happy to leave a review.

Suggestion for initial contact with the customer.

Here is a template suggestion for initial contact with the customer:

Hi [name], thanks for picking me as your stylist through FLAYR. Look forward to meeting you on [date]. I've got you booked in for [e.g. 2 x Makeup only] to start at [time] and end at [time]. If you have a photo of your desired look can you send it through as well as a selfie with no makeup. If you have any questions, you can contact me or FLAYR. Thanks, [name].

3 days before the event:

Hi [name], look forward to meeting you on [date] at [time]. Can you please let me know if there is parking available at [address] or alternatively I can arrange parking nearby for $[price]. I'm happy to accept $[price] in cash or alternatively you can do an EFT on the day. Any questions, let me know. Thanks, [name].

Anything we can do?

If there is anything else that you think we can do, to help you contact the customer, please reply on the comments below or send us an email to


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