Update on Premium Bids

What happened to the Premium Bids ?!

From May 1, we reduced the premium levels from 3 down to 2, read on and we’ll tell you why and how this hopefully helps you.

At first glance it might seem weird. Why is FLAYR removing High Premium bids, don’t we make more money on those? Yes we do. But if customers never book on those and instead drive a lot of customer support calls & email, it turns out actually that … everybody looses!

- Customers don’t get a stylist;

- You don’t get a booking; and

- We deal with the endless customer support costs.


Let’s get a bit of stats (stay with me - I hated math too). 

So did you know that on average Base bids get booked 20% of the time.  To say this differently:

1 out of every 5 base bids get booked.


For High premium bids this number is only 3%, or put differently only 1 out of every 33 high premium bids gets booked!


Let’s put this in dollars ($).

Say there was 200 makeup & hair down style gigs you bid on in a month.

If you had bid Base, you might have made $3,400

(200 gigs x $85 base x 20% booking rate)


If you had bid High Premium, you might have made $810

(200 gigs x $135 High Premium x 3% booking rate)


If you’d like to know your own individual stats and have a walk through, please use the link below to schedule a quick 20 min call.

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