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Find Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists in Australia   Get the best prices from 2,000+ of the most reviewed Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists  . Pick from mobile stylists or salons.

Find Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists in Australia

Get the best prices from 2,000+ of the most reviewed Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists . Pick from mobile stylists or salons.

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    "Amazing website and so easy to use. Such a great way to research the best artist for you. I used them for my wedding and LOVED the Hair and Makeup artist they recommended after I filled in their survey :)"
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    review of Flayr artist by Tiffany
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    "Danielle made me feel soo gorgeous and amazing for my maternity photoshoot.. she was very quick and professional. Will definitely recommend Flayr to my friends."
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    review of Flayr artist by Anoushta
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    "I booked my own, my mother of the bride and 3 bridesmaids hair and makeup through Flayr. The website was easy to use and prices were amazingly affordable. I got multiple quotes pretty much instantly. There's galleries to browse the artists work and reviews when you go through quotes, which is very helpful. The website is great."
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    review of Flayr artist by Melanie

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Popular Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists in Australia

  • Makeup by Sonia


    I have moved to Sydney from London where I have worked as a Make Up Artist and a Hair Stylist for almost 10 years. I believe that in this time I have helped people discover their real beauty by accentuating their natural features and skin tones. In my past jobs I have regularly graced the fashion industry, catwalks and pages of leading magazines. In my last job I've been renowned for the quality and precision of my work. As a true professional I adheres to the highest codes of conduct in all my dealings with colleagues and customers. During my career I have gained extensive experience working with actors, directors, costume designers and private clients. I am a happy, easy going person and I truly love what I do! I use only the best professional cosmetics for different skin types to make sure you not only look beautiful but also to make sure your skin is looked after. I know how important it is to find the right stylist but I believe together we can create the right look, you will absolutely love.
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  • Makeup by Miriam


    Hi, my name is Miriam. I have a Diploma in Specialist Makeup Services from The Makeup Technicians in Haymarket, Sydney. I am also a trained hair stylist and love making people feel and look beautiful. Hygiene is always at the forefront of a makeup artists mind at the best of times, let alone now. A session always begins with either handwashing or hand sanitizer, often both. All cream products such as foundations and lipsticks are dispensed onto a metal palette so that there is no double dipping. Mascara is always applied with disposable wands, in fact I cut off the one provided with the product. Any powder products used are sprayed with alcohol spray to sanitize them. After a session, brushes are cleaned with a sanitizing spray and they are also washed each night with a eucalyptus based soap. They are then airdryed on a rack. At the moment I am also offering to wear a mask for each session.
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  • Makeup by Penny


    My passion from an early age has always been in the arts. Having studied fine arts at university & majoring in contemporary still life painting, I later fell in love with the fashion world & the art of makeup design. Spending time in both Paris & Shanghai, I fined tuned my skills to later work with some of the most exclusive luxury brands in the world. With every client interaction, I aim to provide a personalised tailor made experience covering a variety of different occasions & settings. Areas of expertise include Bridal, Fashion, Cinema, TV, FX artistic, Stage, Body painting, Asian Makeup
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  • Makeup by Rula


    I have been a professional hair and makeup artist for over 7 years now and I am so thankful to have a career that I love so dearly. Its not just the artistic aspect of the job that I love, its my clients. When I can transform how someone sees themselves and make them feel beautiful... That is what this career is all about. Showing people the beauty that lies within each one of them.
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  • Makeup by Melissa


    Hi, my name is Melissa and I have many years of experiences in all aspects of makeup, having worked in films, professional modelling, catwalks and high end weddings. I am also the owner of an international boutique makeup brand and have a deep passion for make up products. My deep knowledge about the latest trends in fashion, make up and hairstyling allows me to help you craft your dream look. Everyone possesses incredible beauty and what gives me the most satisfaction is seeing that incredible transformation take place in real time. When a shy client takes that first look in the mirror and is absolutely taken aback by the movie-star staring back at her… to me that is a most precious moment! I truly enjoy engaging with people from all walks of life, having worked with catwalk models, directors, fashion designers and private clientele alike. I am most proud of my customer service and always do everything I can to make the experience memorable and transformative. If you can, please give me as much notice as possible for bookings as I am usually fully booked out. Looking forward to bringing your fantasy alive! x Mel
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  • Makeup by Amanda


    With over 15 years experience in the Hair and Makeup industry, owning her own salon in Melbourne CBD and training many staff, Amanda will help ease the pressure of your big day so you can relax and enjoy getting pampered. “I love making my clients look amazing, looking like themselves at there most beautiful and l know l have done my job when l see big smiles on their gorgeous faces.”
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  • Makeup by Kimberley


    Specialist vegan makeup artist and hair stylist. With 7 plus years experience in the bridal and photographic industry, I have the ability to achieve your dream look for any occasion. Whether you're planning a wedding or baby shower, engagement or maternity photo shoot, or just heading out for drinks with the girls, I've got you covered. I use a variety of products that are specifically designed to withstand Australian humidity, while maintaining a long lasting flawless finish. __________________________________________ COVID-19 update To give you peace of mind during this uncertain time, we wanted to let you know that our professional kits and workstations have always been clean and disinfected, even before this pandemic. ____________________________________________ While we have always practiced these safety precautions on a regular basis, we are now being more mindful than ever before. _____________________________________________ So how do we keep you safe? _____________________________________________ What we DO: _____________________________________________ ✔️Wipe down all surfaces before we set up our makeup station. _____________________________________________ ✔️ Use hand sanitiser before we start services and in-between to maintain cleanliness. _____________________________________________ ✔️ Our brushes are always sanitised and deep cleaned with warm soapy water prior to all appointments and sanitised in-between each client. _____________________________________________ ✔️ We always scrape, scoop, and decant products with a sanitised or disposable tool to a clean, metal palette or tissue/paper towel. _____________________________________________ ✔️ Always spray pencils with sanitiser before sharpening them in a sanitised pencil sharpener. _____________________________________________ ✔️ When applying mascara, we always use new, disposable mascara wands for each application, and we never double-dip. _____________________________________________ ✔️ Disinfect all our tools (including tweezers, scissors etc) and wipe down all products used between clients. _____________________________________________ ✔️ Have a separate box for all used products to prevent cross contamination between used and unused. _____________________________________________ ✔️ After every client, we clean the working surface and always prepare a new, clean area to work on. _____________________________________________ What we DON’T do: _____________________________________________ ✖️ We do not use beauty blenders as these cannot ever be properly sanitised. Instead we use new disposable sponges for each client. _____________________________________________ ✖️ We never double-dip our brush directly into beauty products. _____________________________________________ ✖️ We will insist that you do not touch any product, tools or equipment from our kits. _____________________________________________ ✖️ We will insist that any person not directly involved in the service stay out of the room where we are working. This is to help minimise contact and potential risk on our own health. ______________________________________________ I personally have type 1 diabetes. This means I am autoimmune compromised and at a higher risk of complications from the covid-19 if I was to be infected. This is not a "flu" for me. Please keep this in mind when booking or keeping an existing booking. _____________________________________________ We ask that if you are in any way sick, as normal even with a common cold, that you cancel or reschedule your booking where possible. Any non-essential bookings will be rescheduled (mainly trials). ____________________________________________ We are committed to working with each of our individual clients in this crisis. So please let us know if there is anything we can to do assist you or ease your mind. _____________________________________________ As always stay safe and calm <3
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  • Makeup by Crystal


    Hello beautiful ladies! I obtained my Diploma in Makeup Artistry at the Academy of Makeup. I use only quality, cruelty free products & have been in the industry for 7 years. My one goal is to make you feel beautiful (not only on the outside but the inside too) that to me is the most rewarding aspect of my profession! :)) I specialise in bridal, formal, special occasion events & photography makeup + hair styling.
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  • Makeup by Melissa


    Melissa is an industry professional hair and makeup stylist, with over 18 years in the industry. She brings precise application and high level of skill and ability to every job. Melissa has worked events for prestige companies like Laura Mercier, Dior, Chanel and finally as a senior artist for MAC cosmetics, before starting her own business. Melissa prides herself on her exceptional customer service and professionalism.
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